There are more facts you may like to know about the school

here on our noticeboard page.




"We like to focus on motivation and encouragement in our approach to music,


all of our teachers were once students and the school is still growing,


we always like to make new people feel welcome"



Alex Cockle,

Music School Director 




"The launch of Catford Music School was a great success ! "

Our Bellingham premises have now been established for 6 years!

Another step towards supporting the future of live musicians in the UK! 



Now also running our new site !





                            We welcome all ages


                  To keep costs low we teach in private ensemble lessons


                                                Always fun to have classmates!                                                       




Fun to learn

with family or friends in an ensemble






As our training scheme has been in existence for six years,

we now have an enthusiastic team of young teachers.



They have plenty of energy and enthusiasm, we are therefore confident

that your child will be receiving the best guidance in music.



All our teachers are professionally certified in music

and all have recent CRB disclosures to work with young children.



We welcome everyone, from ages 5+ to adults.



Through our use of studio technology,

we have developed a modern alternative to traditional piano technique tuition.



Similar to the well known language laboratory,

the students are able to focus on their own work through headphones.



The teacher is able to monitor the class remotely

and observe the students individually or in small numbers.



Our teachers have all grown up in the ensemble music scheme

and have many years of experience in how to

keep the classes focused and interested. 



The beginners programme provides good structural motivation

when developing the skills of our younger students.



  We have achieved a good track record 

and our music company has now achieved 

over 150 passes, merits and distinctions in graded music exams 

from The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.



Sign up today, our beginners classes

in classical piano tuition cater for all ages.



We have a fully operational keyboard suite equipped for this.





We are always interested in sourcing teachers for new courses.



We are often developing new courses,

please enquire regarding your personal interests



whether it is woodwind, brass, strings, percussion or vocal development.



 We also have wheelchair access at our Catford premises.