Useful advice when looking for instruments

When learning piano, it is fine for students to begin on keyboards but very important to move on to piano either when they are ten years old or whenever they have passed their grade 2 piano exam. Otherwise the muscles in the hand do not develop sufficiently. Grade 3 will be considerably more difficult and grade 4 impossible without a tuned 88 note piano with fully weighted key action. See your local showroom or check on the internet.

Another important point which can certainly help all musicians and singers is keeping pianos in tune. This does not apply to any electric pianos or keyboards. Any normal acoustic upright or grand piano must be tuned twice a year to concert pitch. All students will learn music a lot quicker if they are able to match a the pitch of a note to a key on the piano.

Over 3 years we all have a strong chance of developing good relative or perfect pitch if we play regularly. This skill is when a person develops the ability to play by ear and pick out tunes by sound alone, without having a piece of paper music in front of them. This of course means that any of your favorite tunes on the TV / Radio / Films or CD's at home can be easily learned to play on the piano. This will only happen if the ear can settle to the same sounds over time.


We must all continue to be proud of what the students are doing and not be led to follow the opinions at some schools where young musicians are not permitted access to the pianos. Some of our students are banned from playing school pianos because other pupils have damaged them in the past. This is not fair, and a complete waste of money, It may be recommended to ask school staff whether school instruments can be made available to students studying music. It is a shame that school instruments sometimes remain locked for years on end gathering dust and certainly not creating any new music.