Well done to all those of you who have recently taken exams!

I am very proud of you all for making such a tremendous effort.

We will always be looking to achieve at higher levels in the future.

The higher grades do demand a lot more from both the teachers and students. This is why the classes are smaller.

There is currently a sliding scale in place for payment of more advanced levels of tuition.

This helps us to raise the level of tuition offered by the school.

Our success rate here is high because of the dedication of many parents. They must be praised for continually encouraging their children to attend music lessons year in year out.


Music is often considered a luxury in peoples lives. There is great prestige associated with advance performance.

It is always considered a pleasure to go and hear the great players of the world perform.

Outside of musical education musicians are perceived very differently.

A very dedicated musician may only be known for their ability to recreate popular music and not for their creative composition skills.

This is why many musicians and other artists, the world over, struggle for recognition.

Many people will judge a good musician from an average one by admiring the notes played fast.

This is not the main aim of course.

It is the way in which you play which makes people react.

Make a calm reflection of your personality.

Be happy with who you are when playing your instrument.

The control you have learned will communicate a good feeling to an audience.

Playing a relaxing melody will often relax the mind and take you to another place after a stressful day.