Terms and Conditions

1 Payment

1.1 Lessons are charged in blocks of four, eight or twelve and payment is required in advance.

1.2 Cheques are made payable to Catford Music School or Bellingham Music Centre and must be presented with a valid cheque guarantee card.

1.3 The card number and expiry date must be written on the back of the cheque.

1.4 Please make all payments before the lesson begins to help avoid confusion when changing classes.

1.5 Lessons fees are non-refundable and non-transferable

1.6 Increases in fees will be reviewed every 12 months.

1.7 Payment in arrears is then subject to our full rate of £15 per hour. 


1.7 Lesson Packages, any discounts offered to existing students for lesson packages will be valid to customers making payment at the beginning, on the first lesson, of any new block of lessons.

 1.8 Customers paying on or after the third lesson overdue will be liable to pay the full lesson rate (as per standard block of four)  for a block of eight lessons. If paying on or after the fifth lesson overdue, customers will be liable to pay the full lesson rate (as per standard block of four) for a block of twelve lessons. 



2 Missed lessons and cancellations

2.1 Each student is entitled to six cancellations per year, for the period 1st October to 30th September each school year.

Twenty-four hours notice must be given in order to constitute a cancellation.

Late cancellations on the day of your lesson will have to be charged for and will also not be included in your allowance of six allowed cancellations per year.

After your six cancellations have been used then additional lessons will be charged for.

2.2 The music school will be closed for three weeks at Christmas and one week over Easter, we do not stop teaching classes over half term or during the summer holidays. Please ensure that you check this website and read the holiday notices which are distributed before every holiday.

2.3 You will not be charged for lessons canceled by the music teacher. 2.4 You will not be charged over the holidays.

2.4 If you have not paid ahead for your following 4 lessons then your place in the school is vulnerable to be taken by a new student if you do not attend or make arrangements with the teacher either by phone, letter or in person. If this occurs you may be asked to re-enrol via the waiting list. Please remember to contact the school if you need to cancel a lesson.

3 Arrival and Departure of students

3.1 Please ensure the students use the toilet before lessons.

3.2 Please arrive on time and also make arrangements to return pick up students punctually. This is important as other classes may have to be interrupted.

3.3 Parents/ Guardians are asked to use the waiting room during lessons and not interrupt lessons if possible, this is important to help concentration especially for new students.

4 General Terms

4.1 Please keep the school informed of any changes in contact details, any changes in mobile number of address are essential especially for emergencies, it is important for you to have an answerphone on your telephone number to avoid disappointment as there may be occasional last minute changes to lessons due to unforeseen circumstances.

4.2 Students may not cause harm or damage to equipment on the premises or walk around the building into any other areas without permission from the teacher.

4.3 Catford Music School reserves the right to terminate lessons indefinitely due to consistent absenteeism, lack of progress, bad behaviour and any reason relating the progress of other students or any other reasonable cause. Verbal abuse from parents/students will always result in instant termination of lessons without refund.

4.4 Please contact the teachers via the schools 24 hour answerphone and you will receive a return call as soon as possible.

Many Thanks


Alex Cockle 

Music School Director