Take a quick look at what we do


Here are a few captions about the school


and pictures showing students playing their instruments.


It will help introduce you to the type of classes we offer.



We mainly specialise in children's classes, for ages 5-12.


We always welcome beginners

and the main instruments taught are piano and guitar.


 Many interesting styles of guitar and piano music

can be experienced at the music centre.


It is always inspiring to see someone

realise their capabilities as a musician

after only a few weeks of learning to play.


For some people it is like realising their dreams

by being able to play a piece of music,

however simply it may be.





 Edwin, Ruth, Jared, Kojo and Khezia


Piano in progress, pictured above


Our weekday piano and guitar classes are very popular,

we have many new students of all age groups,

find a class that suits you best.


Even if you play keyboard at home, 

we will teach you the correct piano technique, 

we teach classical grades 1-8 in piano.


We also teach traditional guitar note reading for children.


A range of other guitar styles are taught,

rock, blues, funk and jazz guitar for teenagers 

and classical guitar for adults.


Music theory classes for musicians with an interest in improvisation

are also available for all instrumentalists.



New classes for beginners starting every week,

if you've never played an instrument before,

we can help you achieve your dreams, progress guaranteed!

Please enquire regarding tuition in strings,

woodwind, brass and percussion.


The lessons with instrumental teachers

will be available as classes fill up.

All new students and enquiries

please click Register Here to enrol in classes.

Call us on 0208-8185-7368 to book for all classes 


(Or wait for a call if already registered)

Your call will be returned within 24 hours. 

Thankyou for your enquiry and good luck in your first lesson.




Students in a guitar lesson 


Come along Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons,

between 4pm and 6pm,

to see classes in progress and have a look around, 

to a chat with our friendly staff

and make your own plans for learning music.


We always ensure to place every new student in an appropriate class

to make them feel comfortable.


Students will always share a class with others of similar age,

ability, confidence and experience.

We have many successful students, our youngest students

are aged 4 years old and already enjoying their newly discovered talent.




Take your time to explore this website

and take a new step into learning music,

we look forward to hearing from you.